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Kraus Karate Academy Reviews

  • Hainesport Kids Martial Arts

    Mr. Kraus and the Crew at Kraus Karate Academy of Hainesport are top notch. The dedication to my son's 4-5 year old class is 1st class. The children respect them and they understand what is being asked if them and in turnthey follow the instructions perfectly. My wife and I couldn't be happier with the progress our son Evan has made over the last 1.5 years! His focus and listening skills have increased substantially. Thank you!

    Junior P
  • Hainesport Kids Martial Arts

    My son loves it. Everyone helped mold him into the wonderful young man he is today. He trained here for 7 years and earned his black belt. Now he helps Master Kraus, and passes along the dedication to being the best one can be!

    VeronicaSam G
  • Hainesport Kids Martial Arts

    My son trained under Mr. Kraus and his crew for years and I decided to join. It has been a wonderful journey for me.

    Victoria B
  • Hainesport Kids Martial Arts

    First class operation, clean friendly environment, very helpful knowledgeable staff. I would Highly recommend action karate!

    Rich K
  • Hainesport Kids Martial Arts

    My 4 year old and I love this school! The instructors are perfect for instructing his age group in Ninja Sharks and my son always gets excited to go. Master Kraus is awesome and very welcoming. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get their child into Karate. The studio is always clean and neatly organized as well. They do a lot more than just learn self defense, they learn all aspects of being self disciplined and honor.

    Todd B
  • Hainesport Kids Martial Arts

    When I started karate I was only 3. I was very shy then but karate helped me speak in public. Since then I have been able to build up my confidence and do things I never thought I could. I have even joined the demo team. Furthermore, I have been going to karate for 9 years and hope to go much longer. In the end without karate I wouldn’t be the person I am.

    R. Valley
  • Hainesport Kids Martial Arts

    My name is McKenzie. When I first started karate I was 6, and it wasn't that hard. But as I advanced, it got harder and I had to remember more, and it got more difficult. Then I started using a Black Belt Responsibility form and it helped me remember and keep track of everything. I practiced push-ups and sit-ups at home to build my muscles so it would be easier, and to prepare for my junior black belt test. I am about to take my black belt pre test, and I hope to succeed.

    David L

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